Tourist Route Samobor – Okić – Manja Vas – Rude - Samobor

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This tourist route is ideal for a leisure drive to Samobor for a coffee and custard cream pastries - kremšnite. The picturesque area of the Samobor hills is suitable for bike tours and hikers.

The route starts in Samobor, the town especially interesting for sightseeing and gastronomic, leisure, cultural or religious experiences. Samoborski muzej Visit the King Tomislav Square and its Secession buildings, the first enforced concrete bridge, Samobor Museum, Marton Museum, the Park, Samobor graveyard, Prica Gallery and the photo gallery Lang.

Samobor is renowned for its culinary delicacies, such as the famous custard cream pastry, Samobor kremšnita, in the sweet shop "U prolazu". There are other catering facilities in the vicinity of the main Samobor square, such as the Lavica Hotel, Stara Klet bistro, restaurants Gabreku 1929 and Stara Vura, Havana Cuban Bar, cafe bar Ara and others.

Arko family honey Samobor has a rich tourist and excursion tradition, great hospitality and organization of various manifestations and events, such as the Samobor Carnival, Samobor Salamijada, Samobor Spring Fair, Samobor Music Autumn, Days of Rude Greblica, Days of Samobor Kremšnita and so on. The craftsmanship tradition of Samobor may be experienced in the crystal cutting manufacture Tuk, bermet and muštarda manufacture by family Filipec, Arko family honey and wax workshop, Srčeko souvenir shop, Oslaković honey and wax shop, crystal cutting manufacture Saki and others.

Church of St. Michael The historical center of Samobor is Taborec with a Baroque church of St. Michael along the way to the Old Burg Samobor.

The interesting sacral buildings are the early Baroque Parish Church of St. Anastasia, the Franciscan Church of Mary's Ascension with a monastery and the spiritual center Meeting House Tabor. In the Anindol park there is the Chapel of St. Anne from 1751 connecting the Samobor Calvary and the Chapel of St. George with a stone road.

Kuzmanović familyThe sightseeing in the Okić area, this natural and partially cultivated beautiful area, will begin from the King Tomislav Square along the way to Klake and Old Burg Okić. There are interesting chapels along the way, the Chapel of St. Joseph in Konščica and the Chapel of St. Anthony in Klake. It is possible to visit rural tourism facilities of the Kuzmanović family in the village Slavagora (turn in Mala Rakovica). The hillside of the Okić area is famous for the oldest aristocratic fort in the northwestern Croatia - Old Burg Okić - and the mountain lodge "Maks Plotnikov" underneath. A secure, ten-minute ascending path, partially cut into the rock, leads from the lodge to the Old Burg Okić.

The path from the lodge leads over meadows and forests to the Ethno House Okić, where authentic exhibition items present the rural ways of life in the villages in the Okić area.

Farms SirovicaThe macadam and asphalt road leads farther to the village Kotari, a beautiful area in the forests of the Plešivica mountain with a valuable sacral building, the monument of the highest category, the Parish Church of St. Leonard with a monastery. Hikers may take the path to the Plešivica peak and its iron pyramid. Also, the right road leads farther to Prekrižje Samoborsko and the rural tourism facilities and farms Sirovica and Oslaković. To the right from Kotari, the asphalt road leads to Manja Vas and the Botanical Garden Suban, where visitors may taste herbal teas. To the left of the main road there is a small Chapel of the Holy Heart of Jesus. A steep asphalt road descends from Manja Vas to Rude, where there were mines in the 16th century. Currently, the Miner's Museum is under construction, as well as the educational path to the Botanical Garden Suban. In the village, above the road, there is the Parish Church of St. Barbara and the restaurant "Rudaru" where we recommend the greblica strudel, besides other delicious dishes. The valley of the Rudarska Gradna stream leads to Samobor.

This route offers many accommodation and catering facilities: Hotel Lavica, Hotel and Cafe Livadić, Golubić Lodging House, Garni Hotel Samobor, Samoborski Slapovi Motel.