Brdovec District

Brdovec DistrictBrdovec district encompasses 37.27 km2 and 13 villages, with 10,287 inhabitants in 2001. Brdovec is 21 km from Zagreb and directly tied to the events in Zaprešić. In the northern parts the slopes are mild hills, vineyards and cultivated land with a lot of weekend houses. Most of the villages and economic subjects are located in the central part, beside the main road Zagreb-Ljubljana (road and railway). The settlement existed even before 1334, when Ivan Gorički recorded the Parish Church of St. Vitus in his famous list of parishes of the Zagreb County. The Brdovec Museum has many items and collections, as well information on the rich history of this area, with important cultural, natural and sports monuments and objects, such as the Januševec and Laduč castles, and motocross tracks in Prigorje and Savski Marof, where state and international competitions are held. On the Feast of St. Vitus, on June 15, there are also harvest festivities presenting the methods of storing grains, old tools and folk customs, and in October the traditional hand picking of corn, preparing corn meals with old recipes and singing songs, to preserve all this for posterity.

Address: Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 1, 10291 Brdovec
Tel: 01 3310 350; 3310 323
Fax: 01 3310 350; 3310 323

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Brdovec Museum
Laduč Castle
Church of St. Vitus

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