JastrebarskoOn the area of 630 km2 southwest of Zagreb there is a geographically diverse Jastrebarsko area, with 155 villages and about 32,500 inhabitants, mostly in Jastrebarsko, Klinča Selo, Pisarovina, Krašić and Žumberak. The route may take us from the limestone and dolomite mountain of Žumberak and its wild, almost intact slopes, along the valley of the river Kupčina to Krašić, the birthplace of Alojzije Stepinac in the center of the "Valley of Peace". On the way to Jaska (Jastrebarsko) visitors may stop in Crna Mlaka, the ornithological reserve of exceptional natural value, due to the unique hydrographic and vegetative characteristics and the abundance of rare, protected bird species. Jastrebarsko was first mentioned in 1249, and got the status of the free royal market from King Bela IV in 1257. Vineyards and wine-making has a long tradition here, especially on the slopes of the Plešivica mountain, in Mladina with the old Erdödy's wine cellar and in Sveta Jana, the largest and mildest area of Prigorje. Not far from Jastrebarsko is the popular excursion site Mladina with a motocross track, surrounded by vineyards. Wine festivities include the picking of grapes and baptizing of wine in the vineyard huts and restaurants of Plešivica on St. Martin's Day.

Address: Strossmayerov trg 13, 10450 Jastrebarsko
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E-mail: poglavarstvo@jastrebarsko.hr
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